Fire Safety Concerns

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Fire Alarm Issues


  • Missing Smoke Detector or fire alarm system
  • Missing Fire Department certification
  • Operating indicator light missing from panel box

Fire Extinguisher Issues


  • Residential building missing a properly maintained fire extinguisher in a publically accessible area
  • Missing tag that indiciates fire extinguisher has been service in the last year

Fire Hazard - Clutter, Debris or Garbage


  • Clutter, Debris, or Garbage accumulated which could be a present a fire hazard.

Fire Hazard - Blocked Exit


Path of travel to a Primary or Secondary exit is blocked by any item or tripping hazard.

Primary Exits:

  • Exit Corridor
  • Front Stairs

Secondary Exits:

  • Fire Escape
  • Side/Rear Stairs

Fire Sprinkler Issues


  • Fire sprinkler missing or not properly maintained
  • Fire sprinkler not present at the top or bottom of a garbage or laundry chute.

Smoke Detector


  • Bedroom/Guest Room missing properly maintained smoke detector
  • Properly maintained smoke detector missing from top of public stairway or every third floor below